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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 19, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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now at eight. a week that began in fear ends in relief (crowd chanting) usa! usa! boston residents jubilant at the news that the search for the suspects in monday's bombing can no longer do any harm. the citizens of boston and the area can be confident that the threat has been
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tamurlahn sarneyv. dead in a police shootout early this morning. just hours ago, his brother is discovered hiding in a boat stored in a nearby back a final round of gunfire and then the words that everyone >> "we got him." those are the words from the boston police commissioner. to mayor tom menino about the apprehension of suspect but the world still has it, and how he eluded police grant? patriot's day in massachusetts. monday, april 15th. 19th -- when america could breathe a sigh of relief. happened in between. west of boston
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gunfire >> that should up happening is about four hours ago in an intense gunbattle with police in the over and the older brother dying. after that gunfight police eventually move fan and arrested the suspect. boston police commissioner tells us how it went down. >> he walked outside and saw blood on a boat in a backyard he opened a tart and looked ian and sought a
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man covered in blood then called the police. setting up a perimeter around that area we exchanged gunfire with the suspect inside the boat. gunfire >> ultimately the fbi may entry into the boat the suspect was still alive in the boat. i have to tell you i was at the same last night just after the incident occurred. handmaid hand grenades killed thrown at the police officers at the scene is almost unheard of. the officers acted
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heroically and protected the committee. i am so proud the with the of the state police officers involved. >> reporter: suspect in serious condition injuries to his neck and wakes. all what all law enforcement breeding site of relief high fighting coming of their homes community residents same thing to to officers. but could see them the officers congratulating one another this is the real. normally you see people coming of their home slyke this during a celebration. what a victory. >> pam: >> pam:
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>> reporter: various stories of the suspects condition. the suspect could be badly injured or lost a lot of blood. >> the suspect is in serious condition. the man who fountain at the boat stated that he was covered in blood. there was an exchange of gunfire. we would like to find out why it happened so we told him and has just served. see capt. >> catherine: the two brothers are from the russian region. they've lived here since 2002. he
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was reportedly married and had a young daughter of poulter turning to radical is from. >> reporter: >> reporter: >> reporter: >> reporter: >> reporter: >> reporter: >> reporter: he had a play list dedicated to extreme radical shiite. this may. and wo worked at the boston globe has known him for years. he was one of the most peaceful religious people but i knew i am still in
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shock. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ (crying) >> catherine: his friends remember a teenage boy who did not talk about politics he was a fine kid. >> i was new to wrestling he would push me all the time. >> catherine: we learned tonight that he was actually at a campus party wednesday night looking relaxed two nights after the bonds. as for his older brother he was investigated two years ago for possible extremist ties but did not come up with any evidence.
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eastern time: is released here and the two brothers drive east towards gunbattle breaks out. the tool bombings monday at the boston marathon thursday mit police officer shot on campus shortly after the suspects in the bombing case carjacked in mercedes as you see on third street. and also took the driver of that vehicle for hostage. now after that the suspects continued long memorial drive. the suspects were throwing explosives at the officers the chase ended at watertown west of bomb west of downtown boston. the
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police officers killed the older of the two suspects. >> are around 8:00 p.m. this evening he was located here on franklin street which is about a mile from where his brother was killed hiding inside this boat underneath a tart. in the news room charles clifford kron 4 news. >> pam: dramatic images this week for race from a city on the edge of its seat. and the last hour this is a picture that surfaced from
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the internet you see one of the police officers and fbi agents. looking at some of the other fellows you can see the ambulance that took the suspect to the hospital. this shot is hard to see they're all outside when the suspect was taken away high- five's from little ones to the swat team. this picture hard to see, you can see those two snipers aiming their gun at that house. this is what it looks like at some of the areas where people live band. looking directly at a sniper at a military vehicle. a hot a helicopter military-style landing on top of the building. literally taking
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over the neighborhood all day long. a couple of the day off for sirs waiting in talking. you can actually see those officers walking with the guns for special circumstances. >> reporter: our family a plot the entire wall force
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we trust that the joke we trust that the justice system will provide prevail. >> pam: coming up that a 15 tonight we will have a up date of the young martinez boy injured monday. >> pam: the touching video of a school that can't wait to have young and back at home. a live look at the south bay where a vigil is going on for an drip pot the young girls cyber bullying and forgery to occur own
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>> pam: president obama spoke to reporters shortly after the suspect was taken into custody. >> reporter: and a rest has been made the hard part is just beginning and the intelligence committee will continue to employ all necessary resources to support the investigation. anny associations the suspect meant that we would do what ever it takes to keep america safe. >> tonight after a vicious
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attack bostonian responded with resolve and determination they did their part assistance and partners in this investigation. to all police across nasa to messages reverie over five long days. obviously tonight there are still many unanswered questions among them why did the young man who grew up and study here as a part of our communities and our country resort to such? how did they plan and have they received any help? what everett they thought they could
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ultimately achieve they failed they failed because boston refused to be intimidated. americans refuse to be intimidated or terrorist. nor will we break the bonds that hold us together as americans. president obama >> >> reporter: he concluded by saying what makes americans the greatest of all over the world-not stop because of this attack. >> pam: the 11 year-old boy that was injured in the boston on monday the boston
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attack on monday has received e-mail updates from earhart's family. first lady michelle obama even stop by to visit and. >> pam: the cy sending hundreds of could well get well cards to aaron they are making a big deal to show their support using the entire student body. get well get well and aaron we miss you. and aaron aaron. ! (cheers & applause) (cheers & applause)
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aaron has improved a >> pam: and is now able to eat once again. >> pam: this is according to cnn suspect two younger brothers sent out weeks before his unselling tweets one out before the boston explosion. >> reporter: and this tweet he was responding to someone else is tweets boston marathon isn't a place to smoke bell >> reporter: on april 7, 2001 week before the bombing if you have the knowledge and inspiration all is left is to take action. we only
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see half the conversation with this tweet about an hour later he tweet there are people who know the truth but stay silent and they're people who speak the truth but they are but we do not hear them because they are the minority. and here's his last tweet he sent this out to state the date after the bombing i am a stress free kind of guy. j >> jacqueline: today we are in the 70's or and '80s for the most part. we are expecting some fault near the coast line tonight we
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are our receiving the fault up at the end up in the north. that sets we should clear that in no. share 80 and paul of to 83 in cupertino and san jose for our inland valleys '60s and 74 east bay shore 84 antioch. 60 to the north bay. the morning the the warming trend continues tomorrow, monday will be our warmest day. you can catch the latest news, forecast and traffic conditions whenever it's convenient - on our 24/7 bay area news channel. you can watch live on or on comcast channel 193. we will be back after this.
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>> pam: >> reporter: the celebrations are continuing i just posted a new video on might twitter page of watertown. and tweet just came in from the boston police department the boston police appreciates the love and appreciation god bless america. here is their exact tweet captured! the hunt is over this the search is done the terror is over and
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justice has one suspect in custody. that tweet had 127,000 reid tweets and favorite pet 44 t thousand times. thank-you for all the brave law enforcement officers for keeping the community safe. >> pam:
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>> pam: they with us tonight will have a life broadcast from boston. you kids should count yourselves lucky. we didn't have u-verse back in my day. you couldn't just... guys... there you are. you know you couldn't just pause a show in one room, then... where was i... you couldn't pause a show in one room then start playing it in another. and...i'm talking to myself...
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>> reporter: well a mixture of joy relief and exhaustion here and watertown in has been paid difficult
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experience. the 19 year-old suspect hiding inside a boat (cheers & applause) months after the news broke watertown residents filled the streets cheering on enforce cheering on officers. knowing that two perpetrators who calls pain english kennel recalls the pain and terror to our communities. we are so grateful to be here right pam, so grateful to bring
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closure to this case. >> reporter: president obama offered his congratulations echoing the relief of the community. they failed because the people of boston still to be intimidated. >> reporter: all told but suspect is although the suspect is in custody the fbi did the fbi did arrest three other individuals earlier today its. >> pam: >> reporter: well we do know that he was taken in serious condition covered in blood
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he will certainly be question but it is curious must wonder about the other people involved and the high list of questions they will be asking. >> pam: >> reporter: will they had been giving us a regular briefings perhaps we will see something new in the morning it is not clear when we and certainly they will keep the community updated this is a very high interest or. did on surer of they're looking to receive some real rest for the first time this week. >> pam: it was today april
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19th where america could side air relief. >> pam: at about 11:00 p.m. the driver is released here the two brothers tried east towards watertown, surely after 1:00 a.m. the police watertown cites the stolen car and a serious gunbattle begins. 15 police officers are wounded, one of them
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are critical. his brother escapes by driving over him. the older brother pronounced dead. as night falls. their attention turns to a boat stored in a watertown backreports of gunfire. then confirmation that boston's arrested, police say, he is >> pam: and exchanges on social media has helped has helped reporters community and law enforcement to share more on the story. >> reporter: 3 tweeting 3
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tweet it and think you and god bless has tacked from boston police. >> reporter: and are " in our time of rejoicing, let us not forget the families of martin richard lindsey loop, campbell they are still pressing for healing and comfort martin lost his life on monday his mother and sister are still in the hospital. >> reporter: it is such a relief and they're glad that is all behind them. >> pam: >> reporter: dan fbi has put out the affirmation wanting
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to share using social media to get that image out there of what police were looking for. has the story unfolds the suspect was in custody, he was alive and it was very important the role that social media played in all of this. >> pam: since the boston bonds kron fu was there kron4 was there. >> reporter: fans outside the baseball game was defeated was unusual wines (laughter) >> safety first such a tragedy what happened in boston.
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>> >> reporter: canine units also keeping an eye on of foot traffic. the officers here are a little more visual tonight due to the issue's going on in boston. >> reporter: the fans prefer because they know that this is further own good. >> i told my grandson they have to check. >> reporter: if you plan on visiting a giants game in the near future you should plan on attending and plan on showing a little earlier. >> reporter: we will continue >> pam: to bring you the
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latest updates your on kron for as long as our web site >> pam: you may recall she is the teenager who took her own life after a sexual sought an explicit photos related and with her classmates at high school. >> reporter: pam this official just gone on way just a short time ago friends and family to remember her. right behind you can see the banner it was left up for her friends and family to sign. a good friend of hers expects this to this vigil to bring more attention to the seriousness
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of this issue. >> jacqueline: we are still seeing its we are still seeing clear conditions. more on that than just a moment. this afternoon we did see more 80 degree temperatures and yester day , 82 in sunnyvale 81 and san jose. a little bit of salt near the coast line tonight. more 80 degree readings this weekend sunday and the warmest day each of the stranding is monday. it will get pretty warm down in the south bay for art in when
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bay temperatures and '80s. a wide range in the '80s for the north bay. look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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>> reporter: gunfire
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>> reporter: nearly 50 shot and that exchange the suspect held up in a boat to. the best news for the police they have the suspect injured in the hospital wounds to his neck and lakes. they did the police did take three people in custody but paid only believe at this point the two brothers were responsible more details. >> reporter:
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>> jacqueline: in napa 78 currently upper 60s in sunnyvale. we have largely to clear skies to concede the radar picture we will see some fog a leased by the immediate coast line. we
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will see clear skies elsewhere and the fox should kill off into the afternoon. as for temperatures pre mild upper 40's 50's to morning out the door. san francisco signed bill in san jose into the afternoon more 80 temperatures. 80 ampulla of toll 80 when santa clara our east bay 85 and antioch 82 and concord. along the coastline temper just temperatures have kept and the '60s. with a east through the north bay.
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sunday and monday monday be the warmer and more honest day and gradual cooling in to the rest of the week. you can catch the latest news, forecast and traffic conditions whenever it's convenient - on our 24/7 bay area news channel. you can watch live on or on comcast channel 193. >> pam: on the eve of his first playoff the warriors curry is award for a great month of basket ball of baseball.
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>> so we use something called police technology which predicates the procrastination sleeping disorder and other problems. people are accomplishing things using this for years. >> what else do you treat dr. >>? physical problems such as headaches or digestion concentration problems, all without drugs mark steinberg
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stock, or can call the office 4083561002 >> candlelight vigil
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to thirty to borrow the warriors open endeavor their first playoff since 2007 and stephan curry he has been named the western player conference of the month. chris mullin back in 1990 to the squatter >> this is a special thing to me we still have this back series story about. >> this the way it works out, and-the way it works out. the best team has won. >> gary: national television dictates a long stretch here and then they'd
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get on pretty much every other night. a week from tonight in oakland and and from sunday back here and the bay area. >> gary: the move family up and set a sacramento are saying these guys they want the team to be sold to seattle. sacramental remains an option. the best offer and on our mind is coming from the group in seattle. >> may i just action bluntly is anything wrong with sacramento? now >>. . there are other issues that we need more answers
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on. >> gary: sacramento because of their popularity popularity. it will be a long long time if they lost to sacramento guys with big money will not seek out sacramento. seattle along time powerhouse in the nba franchise. seattle is as certainly a story to follow. it sure looks like their hearts will be broken. >> gary: are growing arguing
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back and forth in now separated during the x games meanwhile hudson clears 31 ft.. usury on 49 alecia comes in and have fun on females. >> gary:
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